Are You Safe Watching Movies

Is Watching A Movie More Scarier Than You Think? 

Travel Safety Illness – How many times have you recalled going to the movie theater and notice that sticky deposit under your shoes when you’re walking in to sit down? You’re assuming or wishing it’s simply some gum or soda someone spilled. Hmmm, so would that mean cleaning the theater is not a priority? Well, some stale items of snacks on your seat, or the sticky mess at your feet are the least of your fears. Below are a few things to look out for.

1. Unclean 3-D Glasses
Seeing a film in 3-D is an excellent method to take pleasure in a summer season superhero movie, but can you be exposed to pinkeye! With all the 3-D films that have been appearing in movie theaters, do you really think they took the time to fine tooth cleaning the glasses? While a lot of the bacteria discovered on these glasses were rather harmless, glasses have been known to carry traces of staphylococcus aureus, which could bring about a staph infection, pinkeye and potentially pneumonia. If you intend to avoid this possible health hazard, I would purchase your own 3-D glasses prior.

2. Seriously? Lice On Your Seat
Fecal matter isn’t really the only thing you should fret about on a dirty movie theater seat. The head portion of your seat can be an area for potential illness. Hang out at the movie theater an extra 15 mins after the movie, you will never see anyone cleaning down the chairs in between the next show. Disgusting right? Just think how many people sit in the same seat each year. You better think twice about relaxing on the comfortable chair everyone wishes to sit on, well that seat could have lice on it.

3. Bedbugs 
Bedbugs have been known to travel with people in their clothing, which is how they’ve managed to earn their method into most of your hotels. So, exactly what’s stopping them from traveling on a purse, shoes or clothes nothing? The major problem is you will never see them since they all keep the lights dimmed while you’re sitting waiting for a movie.

4. Airborne Infections
This most obvious at any kind of public venue is the airborne virus that can lead to multiple cases of the flu. Think about the hundreds of people ever 30 minutes touching the armrests, door handles, counters and various other surface areas people sneeze or a cough can land you know that’s not being cleaned. 

Well, we shared 4 different types of ways that will make you think twice about the theater your attending, and if your wondering why you got lice, bed bugs or even sick the next day. We don’t even want to mention the bathrooms or the food section, but we think you get the point!


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